Gender Transition Clinic Shuts Down Website After Leaked Video Exposes Ethical Concerns

Written by Hudson Crozier

What happened? Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville opened a clinic for gender transitions in 2018, offering them to minors and adults. On Tuesday, conservative commentator Matt Walsh posted videos from that year showing the motives and lack of ethics behind the clinic.

“These are huge money makers.” A doctor assured staff that the hospital would profit greatly from transition treatments. She listed figures of tens of thousands of dollars for surgeries that remove male and female sex organs or install artificial ones. She repeatedly stated that they are “money makers,” adding that they require a lot of “follow-ups” from patients.

Conscientious objections from staff would bring “consequences.” Another doctor that year warned staff that refusing to perform the surgeries is “problematic.” She said, “Saying that you’re not going to do something… because of your religious beliefs is not without consequences, and it should not be without consequences.”

Damage control: Vanderbilt shut down its website the day the videos leaked, removing vast amounts of content related to its gender treatments. It issued a response the next day assuring that its “care” for minors involves parental consent, violates no state laws, and is in line with professional medical standards. In response, Tennessee’s governor has called for an investigation, and concerned state lawmakers promised legislation on the issue of gender transitions for minors.