Georgia Prosecutor in Trump Case Faces Two Scandals

One of them will likely create problems for her case.

Written by Hudson Crozier

What’s happening: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is accused in court of an improper relationship in her criminal racketeering case against former President Donald Trump. A co-defendant of Trump made allegations in a court filing that asks a judge to disqualify the entire prosecution team and dismiss its indictment.

There’s more: It’s been reported District Attorney Willis and her team quietly met with the Democrat-led January 6 committee in April 2022. The two teams remained in contact for several months, even sharing evidence as Willis prepared her case.

It looks bad: Trump’s co-defendant alleges Willis broke the law when she hired attorney Nathan Wade to her team because they are romantic partners, paying him large sums of money they used to go on vacations together. “Sources close to” the two prosecutors have confirmed their relationship, according to the filing.

  • More scandalous details: Wade has verylittle legal experience, but documents show Willis has paid him a higher hourly rate than another lawyer on the team who is considered Georgia’s top expert on racketeering charges. Willis has also been ordered to testify in Wade’s divorce proceedings.

  • Confession? Willis’s only defense so far has been saying, “You can’t expect black women to be perfect.” Georgia’s Republican governor is being pressured to investigate Willis.

Why it matters: The recently uncovered collusion with the January 6 committee seems to vindicate Donald Trump’s claim District Attorney Fani Willis’ case is purely political. And many legal experts agree Willis’ personal life will likely create difficulties and delays for the prosecutors, who now have to defend their right to be on the case.

Trump’s legal schedule: Willis has asked to bring Trump to trial over his response to the 2020 election by August — after his March and May trial dates for other criminal cases.

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