Google’s Gemini AI Further Exposes Big Tech Bias

What’s happening: The initial launch of Gemini AI sparked controversy with its deliberate, somewhat hilarious refusal to show white people in its generated images, along with other displays of “woke” ideology.

  • Exhibit A: When prompted to show images of Vikings and popes, the software created perfectly curated, racially diverse ensembles without a light complexion in sight — despite Vikings and popes historically being nearly 100% white.

  • Who’s to say? When the AI model was asked whether Elon Musk or Hitler had a worse impact on society, Gemini responded it was “difficult to say.” It also had a “nuanced” view on whether pedophilia is morally wrong.

Feds in lockstep: Despite Gemini’s overcompensating commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Google is remaining in sync with President Biden’s executive order on equity in AI.

Why it matters: Google is one of the most powerful companies on earth, and when the biases of its lead developers and engineers are embedded in its technologies, its ideological opponents will continue to be ostracized.

  • The evidence: Google’s "AI Responsibility" initiative was founded by Jen Gennai, who previously claimed the trillion-dollar company was allegedly manipulating algorithms against Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

Exposing the problem: Since its release, Gemini has been updated to scale back — but not eliminate — its left-wing prejudices, and has paused its image-generating capabilities. Nevertheless, the software’s initial gaffes further highlight how deep its political ideology has seeped into nearly everything the company does.