House Passes $40 Billion Aid Bill For Ukraine

The total U.S. expenditure for the war in Ukraine is close to $14 billion so far.

Photo by Adam / Unsplash

The White House initially requested $33 billion in military and humanitarian aid packages for Ukraine. Yesterday, the House passed $40 billion instead.

Putting it into perspective: The total expenditure for the war in Ukraine has been close to $14 billion so far. The cumulative total would be $54 billion—more than the average annual amount spent in Afghanistan. It’s a massive amount.

Fifty-seven republicans dissented and voted no against the aid. Why? Many Republicans are disappointed that pressing domestic issues are being deprioritized. Inflation, gas prices, shortages, supply chain issues, border security, and the baby formula crisis are all set aside.

The biggest winners of the package are weapons manufacturers, especially after concerns about demand after the Afghanistan War ended. Their stock prices have soared since the beginning of the war.

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