How the FBI Coordinated a Biden Victory

The FBI pressured platforms to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story. Then it refused to investigate it.

Its refusal to investigate Hunter Biden's laptop

New claims: Whistleblowers recently told Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) how the FBI refused to investigate Hunter Biden's laptop after finding it in 2019.

The FBI wanted to ensure that it was “not going to change the outcome of the election again” and told employees, “you will not look at that Hunter Biden laptop.”

Referencing 2016: These concerns referenced the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election, which many speculate caused her election loss due to the negative publicity. Similarly, the FBI feared that Biden would lose the 2020 election if his son’s criminal activity was exposed and investigated.

Burying the story was a coordinated effort: Whistleblowers told Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) last month that FBI leaders hatched a “scheme” to bury the laptop story by falsely labeling it as “disinformation.” Based on the new statements, their motives were purely political as they worried about how it would damage Biden’s image.

And they were right: Shortly after the 2020 election, polling showed that one in six Biden voters would have voted differently if they were aware of the scandal. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. voters now say the story is “important” and rightly believe that it implicates the president himself.

Pressuring platforms to censor the story

In a breaking interview with Joe Rogan, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the FBI’s influence behind Facebook’s decision to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Social media’s role: Within two hours of the New York Post breaking the Hunter Biden laptop story, Facebook and Twitter were already censoring it.

How was the response so quick? According to the interview with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the FBI visited Facebook shortly before the story broke and warned them that there was about to be a significant “Russian propaganda” dump, without giving specifics. When the story broke, it fit the description, prompting Facebook to censor it.

Big picture: It’s clear that the FBI, like the CIA, played a role in securing Biden’s 2020 victory. Through internal processes, they were able to stop investigations into Hunter Biden’s laptop, fearful that it would negatively impact the campaign. Through external pressure on social media corporations, they were able to do damage control and help censor the harmful story within two hours of its publishing.

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