Hunter Biden Made $11 Million During Father's Vice Presidency

Between 2013 and 2018, Hunter Biden's income came from a Ukrainian natural gas company and a Chinese tycoon.

Hunter Biden brought in $11 million during and after his father served as vice president. This information comes from NBC’s analysis of Hunter Biden’s laptop over a year since its release.

Between 2013 and 2018, Hunter Biden’s income came from his ties to a Ukrainian natural gas company and a Chinese tycoon. The Ukrainian gas company has been accused of bribery and the since-vanished Chinese businessman is accused of fraud. $5.8 million of the money came from Chinese deals.

There is a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes by federal prosecutors. While the current investigation in Deleware is focused solely on Hunter Biden, Republicans say that they will demand more documents and probe whether any of the income went to Joe Biden if they win the house. There is evidence that Joe Biden held 10% equity in one of the ventures.

NBC acknowledged that Hunter Biden’s relationships are a national security risk. The outlet highlighted potential problems where foreign powers like China help Biden in exchange for access and influence.

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