Inside America’s Cultural Revolution

Some recent events from the progressive movement.

West Point cadets are being taught critical race theory. The military academy founded in 1802 is now giving its cadets lessons on “whiteness,” teaching that whiteness is “a location of structural advantage, of race privilege.” One question from the progressive lesson plan asked cadets to refute the conservative perspective that affirmative action is discrimination.

The Navy is training its members to create a “safe space” through gender pronouns. A new instructional video for the Navy explains how to use pronouns, be a better ally, use inclusive language, and recover from misgendering someone. "Hi! My name is Jony, and I use he/him pronouns.”

A Virginia public school district recently expanded punishments for students who misgender classmates. Students could be suspended for over a week and even get a referral to law enforcement for misgendering others.

School groomings continue. Teachers at a California public school ran LGBTQ clubs disguised as “Equality Clubs.” A family alleges their daughter was recruited to join the club, where the teachers affirmed her as transgender. This is becoming more common—the same situation in Florida inspired Florida’s anti-grooming bill.

Disney’s next animated feature film, “Strange World” will include their first openly gay teen romance. This follows Disney’s box-office disappointment with Lightyear, which included a same-sex kiss. The entertainment conglomerate has vocalized its efforts to create more children’s LGBTQ content.

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