Inside America’s War On Conservative Hungary

As Hungary bucks the liberal consensus, some say the U.S. is using tools to push the European nation into submission.

What’s happening: The Biden administration is limiting visa access for Hungarians who want to come to the U.S., claiming Budapest refused to comply with America’s strict requests for travelers’ personal information.

  • Washington’s claim: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán granted citizenship to ethnic Hungarians in other countries. The U.S. says this is a security risk, claiming passports were granted without proper identification and vetting.

  • But: Hungarian sources tell Newsmax Hungary is being singled out, since Ireland has also granted citizenship based on ancestry and has faced no restrictions. A decade since these passports were granted, the sources also claim there have been no security issues.

Why it matters: Some conservative groups claim this is just another effort by the Biden administration to punish Hungary — a NATO member — for its right-wing views, from LGBT issues to efforts to slow NATO enlargement.

  • Also: President Joe Biden excluded Hungary from two “Summit for Democracy” meetings, utilized the CIA to monitor Orbán, and terminated a tax treaty between the two nations dating back to 1979. Orbán also believesGeorge Soros-funded organizations are funding his opposition.

Why? From flying Black Lives Matter flags at international embassies to interfering in foreign nations’ LGBT issues, the Biden administration has made clear its intent to spread leftist views around the world and to reject countries that oppose its ideology.

What’d Hungary do? The nation has undertaken a number of nationalist-populist policies, from building a border wall amid the migrant crisis to creating programs to encourage marriage and family formation and banning LGBT content in schools.

  • Friending the enemy: Hungary’s conservative coalition has expanded outreach with America’s conservative movement, with Orbán appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and the first-ever CPAC Hungary being heldin 2022.

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