Ireland Riots While Police Probe Conor McGregor

Written by Anthony Constantini

What’s happening: Hundreds of people recently rioted in Ireland after three children and a school caregiver were stabbed by a naturalized Irish citizen of Algerian descent. Center-right Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar then announced new laws allowing police to use facial recognition technology as well as an update to hate speech laws.

  • Not the first time: A migrant killed a schoolteacher last year, and while the motive for last week’s attacker remains unknown, his national origin was enough to trigger the rioting.

Why it matters: Ireland is witnessing a historic surge in migration, with over 141,000 migrants arriving since April 2022.

Celebrity input: MMA superstar Conor McGregor posted that Ireland was “at war” and that “there is grave danger…that should never be here in the first place.” McGregor has hinted at a potential run for office in Ireland in response to the recent situation.

  • Under investigation: McGregor’s comments on the rioting have reportedly caused him to be placed under investigation by the Irish police for hate speech.

  • The numbers: The Irish public would seem to agree with McGregor and not Varadkar: a poll found about 75% believe that Ireland is taking too many refugees.

The big picture: The failure of the European center-right to deal with migration has increasingly driven voters to violence and to consider further-right parties around the continent — most recently in the Netherlands.

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