Is Critical Race Theory Dangerous? Three Acts Of Violence Buried By The Media

The normalization of critical race theory in public schools, government institutions, and corporate manifestos has led to dangerous consequences.

The basics: Critical race theory teaches that race is society’s determinate factor and seeks to explain how racial conflict causes society’s ailments. It also includes other progressive talking points, like the harm of capitalism, gender norms, and the nuclear family.

Whiteness, the source of racism: Herein lies the serious problem. The progressive coalition of legacy media, politicians, and corporations blame “whiteness” for what they view as racism. They preach that whiteness is oppressive and that whites benefit from and are responsible for modern racism. The definition of this racism is convoluted but explained here.

Police brutality, the result of racism: The coalition of progressive media and politicians use selected cases of police brutality to portray whiteness as the source of racism.

  • In the summer of 2020, the death of George Floyd was portrayed as a modern-day lynching fueled by white power. In line with critical race theory, Floyd’s death was determined to be caused not just by Officer Derek Chauvin but also by whiteness in general.

It’s not surprising that people believe in critical race theory. After all, the most powerful systems in the country amplify it. The following three stories, which legacy media outlets seemed to overlook, exemplify how normalizing a radical, divisive ideology can have dangerous consequences in society.

The Waukesha Massacre

Darrell Brooks Jr. plowed through a primarily white Wisconsin Christmas parade in late 2021, killing six people, including an eight-year-old boy. Sixty-two others were injured.

Media downplays massacre: Like clockwork, the media reported the massacre as an accidental tragedy. CNN and the other legacy media outlets defended Brooks, telling their viewers that he was fleeing another disturbance and that the parade got in the way.

It was intentional: Brooks was not being pursued by police, and the local department has evidence that he had other route options to avoid the parade. However, he never touched the breaks as he approached the hundreds of paraders, driving directly through them. He has been charged with voluntary murder.

  • Brooks has intentionally run over people with his car before, notably the mother of his child only a couple of weeks before the massacre.

  • He has referred to himself as a terrorist in one of his rap songs.

  • His crimes have ranged from shooting his nephew to beating the mother of his child.

Ties to critical race theory: A now-deleted Facebook account that belonged to Brooks showed that he frequently voiced violent anti-white rhetoric. He shared links and memes that discussed white privilege and blamed whiteness as the George Floyd riots erupted in 2021.

Under his stage name, Brooks encouraged violence against white people.

The big picture: Brooks was not being chased; he voluntarily drove through hundreds of mostly white parade-goers. He also displayed a vocal approval of violence towards white people, tinged with mainstream CRT talking points.

The Alabama Shooting Spree

In June 2021, only a couple of months before the Waukesha Massacre, Justin Tyron Roberts went on a two-hour shooting spree in Columbus, Georgia. He wounded four people, including two white men.

His mission: According to a detective, Roberts explained that white males had taken from him throughout his life, and he blamed white men for his problems.

Mirroring critical race theory: Blaming white men for current inequalities is not rare; it’s the central principle of critical race theory. Roberts simply reiterated the tenets of the extreme ideology to explain why he targeted white men in his shooting spree.

But, the media buried the story: Unlike other shooting sprees, the story never got much traction. Why? Police already had Roberts in custody and learned about his motives when the story broke. Outlets that did cover it, like CNN and the Associated Press, did so sparsely and never mentioned that the shooting was racially driven.

The New York Subway Shooting

On the morning of April 12, in a New York City Subway, Frank James shot and injured 29.

Promoted racial violence: According to information found on social media, Frank James had a history of racism, antisemitism, and calls to violence. He believed that white people would eventually genocide black Americans because of their inherent racism. For that reason, he believed his only option was to “just [start] shooting motherf—ers.”

The media underreported Frank James's racism, and the story was buried two days after the event.

The Takeaway

Critical race theory is a radical ideology that doesn’t shy away from demonizing white America. Despite this, it has become mainstream. The legacy media, progressive politicians, and massive corporations openly exert it onto all Americans, even our children.

Normalizing a racist ideology has dangerous consequences.