MSN Journalist Publishes Name and Home Address of Conservative TikTok Account

What is Libs of TikTok? You probably know the page if you’re on social media a lot. They find radically progressive content and repost it. For exposing progressive ideology and being influential (850,000 followers on Twitter), they’ve been called racist, bigoted, and all of the other buzzwords by the mainstream media.

The doxxing: According to veteran journalist Glenn Greenwald, journalists are supposed to challenge power and authority—not attack private citizens. In this case, NYT journalist Taylor Lorenz hunted down the owner of Libs of TikTok, visited her home, and published her address in the Washington Post. The owner of Libs of TikTok and Tucker Carlson both said that the doxxing was an intimidation campaigndesigned to shut the page down.

The trend of journalists attacking ordinary people: During Canada’s freedom convoy, donor information was hacked and released online. Journalists from the Washington Post started contacting them and reporting on them. Journalists exposed those present and peaceful at the Jan 6 protest, costing them their jobs. A year ago, a Utah reporter tracked down a paramedic who donated $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense.