Kari Lake Refuses To Concede Arizona Race Amid Irregularities

The Arizona gubernatorial candidate has refused to concede amid election irregularities and is waiting for further investigations.

What’s happening: Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich's office demanded Maricopa County officials explain the county’s election issues before the results are certified before November 28.

The election issues: Twenty percent of tabulation machines or 60 locations in Maricopa County malfunctioned on election day despite being tested the day before. Poll workers then incorrectly instructed voters on how to cast their ballots and then illegally handled the ballots, according to the attorney general’s office.

It’s about the governor’s race: With the combination of election irregularities and Kari Lake’s (R) initial projection to beat Katie Hobbs (D) by a wide margin, Lake has refused to concede the race. Over the weekend, Lake said she would still become governor, declaring the elections in Maricopa County were worse than “banana republics around this world.” As of yesterday, Lake is only behind by 18,000 votes.

From the legacy media: Though legacy outlets like The Washington Post and others have acknowledged the irregularities and problems with Arizona’s election, they conclude that these issues would not have benefited one side more than the other and are, therefore, negligible. Republicans believe that addressing election integrity concerns is paramount, considering the razor-thin margins in the race.