Kari Lake’s Lawsuits Dismissed, Concerns Unanswered

Instead of focusing on whether Arizona voters were disenfranchised, the trial was only concerned with whether the irregularities were intentional.

What’s happening: Kari Lake lost Arizona’s gubernatorial race by razor-thin margins. Notably, the race contained widespread irregularities, possibly affecting enough votes to sway the result of the election. Kari Lake filed lawsuits to address the concerns, which have since been thrown out.

Rejecting the lawsuits: The Arizona judge rejected the lawsuits citing no “clear and convincing” evidence to support intentional misconduct. Instead of using the case to explore whether the known irregularities resulted in disenfranchised voters, the judge focused only on whether the irregularities were intentional. Conservative lawyers and critics described the case as a sham because of this.

Lake’s evidence: Over 30 percent of the Maricopa County printers at polling sites produced ballots rejected by tabulators. Lake’s team proved the issues with evidence and testimony from the Maricopa County Co-Elections Director.

What happens next? Kari Lake vowed to appeal the decision to restore “faith and honesty in our elections.” Since then, her opponent Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs filed lawsuits against Lake to sanction her efforts.