Larry Nassar's Sexual Assault Victims Sue FBI for $130 Million

Photo by Jacob Rice / Unsplash

Background: Hundreds of women sexually abused by former US national gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar received $380 million after settling. Now, 13 Nassar victims are seeking $130 million from the FBI.

What the FBI did: The victims claim that the FBI bungled the investigation and led to more abuse by the sports doctor. According to the Justice Department’s inspector general, the FBI made fundamental errors when they became aware of allegations against Nassar. The FBI knew about the abuse and let it continue for 17 months.

“No one should have been assaulted after the summer of 2015 because the FBI should have done its job,” said Grace French, founder of The Army of Survivors. “To know that the FBI could have helped to avoid this trauma disgusts me.”

FBI Incompetence: The FBI has received criticism for being incompetent and politically charged. It became clear that the NYC subway shooter was previously on the FBI’s list. Their role in plotting the Whitmer kidnapping also points to entrapment.

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