Loudoun County and Progressivism In School Boards

The following is based on investigative reporting by Daily Wire.

The Making Of A 'Domestic Terrorist'

On June 22, Scott Smith, a plumber, was dragged by police from a school board meeting. He was soon sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Following the arrest, the story turned into an international story. Smith even had to put up fencing around his house to keep the media out.

This working-class American became a poster child for school board “domestic terrorism,” and the National School Boards Association cited this incident, among others, as a reason for the FBI’s involvement in the school boards across the country.

The Inconvenient Truth

Smith was protesting the school board meeting because his daughter was sexually assaulted by a transgender teen two months prior in the school’s bathroom. The boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio. He was additionally charged with sexual battery and abduction following a second incident at Broad Run High School, where he was quietly transferred.

“The person that attacked our daughter is apparently bisexual and occasionally wears dresses because he likes them. So this kid is technically not what the school board was fighting about. The point is, kids are using it as an advantage to get into the bathrooms.” - Scott Smith

However, at the meeting, the school board superintendent told the public the sexual assault should not be of concern because there was no record of it. Activists at the meeting doubted Smith’s claim. Tensions rose, and police attempted to arrest Smith, as known now, wrongfully.

The Ideologically-Driven Cover-Up

To progress the school board’s agenda, the rape of Smith’s daughter had to be quietly brushed aside; ideology had to replace truth. The school board was more concerned with the goals of progressivism than the rape of a female student.

When Smith’s daughter was raped, Stone Bridge High School called it a “physical altercation,” and wanted to quietly deal with it in-house.

When parents like Smith brought up issues with the radical agenda, the school board shut the meetings down, silencing the concerns. While LCPS released a statement saying the school board was unaware of the incidents, an email reveals that the superintendent alerted the school board about the incident the day of.

When a teacher spoke out, they were suspended.

Another 250 members of the public signed up to speak out against the school’s racial and transgender initiatives. To silence them, left-wing activists painted those concerned parents as bigots, and LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler shut down public comment early, declaring it an “unlawful assembly." Activists made it their mission to “hack” parents who opposed the radical initiatives and “expose [them] publicly.” Activists would find parents who organized against the school board and dox them.

The ideological stronghold over the School Board suppressed parental opposition each step of the way. The school hid Smith’s tragedy, police at the school board meeting arrested Smith, and meetings were shut down when parents spoke up.

Ultimately, the Loudoun County School Board approved the policy with a 7-2 vote, permitting transgender students to use whichever bathroom they prefer and requiring teachers to use students’ preferred pronouns or face disciplinary action.

The Radicalization Of A County

Loudoun county was conservative and Republican until November 2019, when progressive activists won only 51% of the vote. Through the board of supervisors, the progressives were able to strip the still-Republican sheriff’s office of power by creating a force that would report to them alone.

The prosecutor who oversaw Smith’s disorderly conduct case, Buta Biberaj, was only elected because George Soros paid $845,000 to support her bid.

Biberaj is known for her leniency and alternatives to incarceration. She ran on not jailing people for minor crimes and supported alternatives to jail like restorative justice. Notably, she let a violent criminal go free who later killed their spouse.

Despite all this, she sought jail time for Smith. Two girls were sexually assaulted by the same person taking advantage of progressive policies, yet the only one to serve jail time has been the victim’s father.

Loudoun country is a story of a county that went progressive. With the new leadership, serious parental concerns were ignored, and justice was thrown to the wayside in exchange to further omnipresent leftist ideology.