Major League Wokeness: 20 MLB Teams Support Gender Transitions

Written by Hudson Crozier

Twenty Major League Baseball teams held an LGBT-themed “Pride Night” this past summer, partnering with organizations that promote or directly provide “gender-affirming care” for minors. Here are some of the most radical examples.

The Boston Red Sox donated to a local LGBT group sponsored by Fenway Health, a clinic providing cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for kids as young as 12 and sex-change surgeries for adolescents. It also campaigns against “anti-trans youth” legislation. The Red Sox also previously donated directly to Fenway Health in 2018.

The Colorado Rockies donated to the Center on Colfax, which directs youth to clinics offering “puberty blockers and hormone therapy” for “LGBTQ+ patients of all ages.” The team also donated to One Colorado, which lobbies for LGBT youth protections in public policy, such as legal transition treatments and school bathroom access.

The Arizona Diamondbacks partnered with One-n-ten, which hosts a monthly program for youth discussing “topics such as Pronouns Support, Hormones 101, Gender Affirming Surgeries 101, Gender Dysphoria Tips/Tools, How to Bind Safely, How to Tuck Safely, How to Select an LGBTQ Affirming Provider/Counselor, [and] Supporting a Healthy Transition.” The program has no minimum age requirement.

Big picture: The sports industry, which once served a unifying purpose in America, has gone all-in on progressive ideology under the major leagues—the MLB, the NFL, and the NBA. These efforts are not merely symbolic gestures; they show that these teams are allocating serious resources to furthering radical causes.

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