Democrats Deliver Mass Migration to Corporations

Corporations stand to benefit most from leftist border policies.

What’s happening: As the U.S. border remains overrun with illegal crossings, failure by Democrats to take decisive action is driven in part by the party’s alliance with big business.

The strategy: One of the Democrat Party’s most touted defenses of open-border policies has been the purported economic benefits that society reaps from increased migration. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) referred to strict border policy as “economic suicide,” painting Republican criticism of the border as fear-mongering.

  • Siding with the rich: In response to the massive surge in New York’s migrant population, top Wall Street leaders lobbied the Biden administration to expedite work permits for the new arrivals. The “bipartisan” border security bill propped up by Congressional Democrats included increasing the number of work permits for illegals.

The effects: For many Americans, mass migration demonstrably diminishes economic prospects and opportunities while providing corporations with a larger pool of cheap labor. Competition imposed by illegals does not threaten knowledge-based jobs requiring a college education, but working-class Americans are disproportionately affected by wage decreases.

  • The numbers: Wage trends during the past half-century demonstrate that a 10 percent increase in the number of workers within a skilled labor group lowers wages of said group by at least 3 percent. The economic implication of mass migration is wealth movement from those who compete with migrants to those who employ migrants — from employee to employer.

Why it matters: The Democrat Party’s position on the border crisis showcases a seismic shift in American politics; the Left has allied with big business, positioning the Republican Party as a defender of the working class.