Mass Protests Continue in Sri Lanka, the Netherlands Over Green Policies

The situation in the Netherlands (left) and Sri Lanka (right)

The upheaval in both of these countries is caused by the same thing: ”green” climate policies forced by the government.

In Sri Lanka, the people are revolting. A massive crowd of protestors breached the president's residence amidst government-caused economic and agricultural disaster. Sri Lanka had a thriving agricultural system until 2021, when the government, adhering to ESG guidelines, banned chemical fertilizers. Skyrocketing produce prices and a snow-balling economic crisis effect followed.

In the Netherlands, the farmers are revolting. Last week alone, 40,000 farmers gathered to protest, many arriving by tractor. Images of highways show a never-ending line of tractor-convoys. Supermarket shelves are empty because the farmers are blocking distribution centers as a protest against new government regulations.

Despite incredible agricultural output (the Netherlands’ farming output doubled since the 60s without increasing fertilizer usage and makes them the 2nd largest food exporter in the world), the government is pushing new green climate goals to cut fertilizer usage. The government acknowledges that if met, the plans would cut livestock by 30% and put many farmers out of work.

Big picture. Disastrous and oppressive mandates are now an expected result of government following arbitrary green policies.