The Media Ignores the Ongoing Assaults on Israel

There is rarely a mention of the hundreds of thousands of displaced Israelis or the continued rocket attacks.

Written by Jack Elbaum

What’s happening: The war Hamas started on October 7 is taking a major toll on Israeli civilians in the form of mass internal displacement, rocket strikes, and lone-wolf terrorist attacks.

  • Why it matters: The mainstream media rarely reports on this reality, creating the impression that Palestinians hold no responsibility for terrorism and the ongoing war.

Displacement: At least 135,000 Israeli citizens have been internally displaced from the north and south of the country, which border Lebanon and Gaza respectively. Many of the displaced people have been forced to relocate to hotels in the center of the country.

The threats: Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon have been launching rockets into civilian communities almost daily since the war started. Israeli civilians will not be able to return to their homes until the threats posed by the two terrorist groups are neutralized.

  • The numbers: Hamas has launched more than 12,000 rockets and Hezbollah has launched well over 2,000 anti-tank missiles and rockets at Israel since October 7.

Important: Hezbollah is significantly more powerful than Hamas. The Lebanon-based terror organization has 150,000 missiles, many of which are precision-guided and ready to use against Israel.

  • All-out war: The likelihood of all-out war is significantly increased if Hezbollah continues to strike Israel unprovoked, preventing Israel’s citizens from returning to their homes, and becoming a permanent threat.

Terrorism: Palestinian terrorists have killed more than a dozen Israelis in terrorist attacks since October 7 and many more terrorist attacks have been thwarted — including a would-be suicide bomber who was stopped last week on his way to Tel Aviv — all of which is sparsely covered in the mainstream news.