Mexico Is Trying to Help Biden Win Reelection

By stemming illegal migration, Mexico’s leader hopes to prevent a Trump win.

What’s happening: In an effort to assist Joe Biden’s reelection, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been working to slow illegal migration to the United States by increasing border enforcement.

Why it matters: Amidst a surge in migrant violence, illegal migration is currently the number one issue, according to American voters who consider the open southern border Biden’s biggest failure. But, if the border situation becomes manageable, it could increase his chances of being reelected.

Immigration encouraged: Mexico’s government has a history of encouraging emigration to America because of the $55 billion that migrants send back to their families annually. However, López Obrador most likely favors temporarily stemming the flow of migration to the U.S. over Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

  • Trump brings trouble: Trump promised to finish building the wall and proposed availing the military to target violent cartels. Further, the former president is threatening Mexico with new tariffs. Conversely, Biden has allowed record numbers of illegal migrants into the U.S. through Mexico.

Trying to deal: López Obrador has pressured the Biden administration to grant work visas to 10 million illegal migrants currently in the U.S. in exchange for his help. Biden has not agreed, but a spring surge in migration could strengthen Mexico’s hand.

What’s next: López Obrador’s leftist successor is favored to win Mexico’s presidential election in June — and since blocking illegal migration to the U.S. is unpopular in Mexico, Biden may suffer the consequences of an uncooperative Mexican government.