New Normal: Drag For Kids

Embracing drag exposure to children is a recent progressive trend.

The drag event 'Drag The Kids To Pride’ was organized at a Dallas gay bar for pride month and invited children to take the stage alongside drag queens. Children handed dollar bills to barely-clothed drag queens and participated in the show as the performers danced in front of a sign that said, “It’s not gonna lick itself.”

What is drag? It’s an act where (usually) gay men wear makeup and highly-revealing women’s clothing for entertainment purposes. The act is inherently sexual and isn’t significantly different from striptease performances at adult clubs.

Embracing drag exposure to children is a recent progressive trend. Most notably, Drag Queen Story Hour has become a phenomenon in the past seven years. The events are geared towards children aged 3-11 and incorporate drag queens reading books to children. Public libraries and counties have sponsored these events nationwide.

Since then, “family-friendly” drag queen dance performances like the recent one in Texas have become commonplace. Some of the largest corporations, like Disney, promote the new normal. Why? The left views these drag queens as positive role models that help encourage inclusivity and acceptance of LGBTQ+ ideology.

Most aren’t okay with it. Progressives fully embrace drag culture for children, but conservatives are against exposing children to sexualized adult performances and view it as child abuse, grooming, and indoctrination. Drag for children is being normalized but was highly taboo just ten years ago.

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