Mass Arrests at the Freedom Convoy

As the Freedom Convoy nears its third week, our coverage of one of the most powerful and important demonstrations of civil disobedience in recent history continues:

Mass arrests: Canadian police have arrested around 30 protestors for blocking the Ambassador Bridge. This comes after corporations and President Joe Biden placed serious pressure on the Canadian government to reopen the Canada-U.S. bridge.

  • Protestors linked arms as the police arrived, refusing to budge. They now face criminal charges.

  • According to Rebel News, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canada's federal police, sabotaged trucks to prevent their use in the protest.

Freezing funds: The Freedom Convoy raised millions on the Christian crowdfunding site, GiveSendGo, after GoFundMe shut down its fundraiser and refunded its donations. Now, GiveSendGo has been court-ordered to stop distributing funds, and TD Bank has frozen assets headed toward the protestors.

Bill Maher compares Trudeau to Hitler: In 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau openly and disturbingly slandered the unvaccinated and questioned whether Canada should tolerate them. Referencing the quote on Friday night, Maher said, “Now you do sound like Hitler.” The Freedom Convoy story is slowly breaking into the mainstream.

Big picture: The Canadian government faces immense pressure to end the Freedom Convoy protests. Internally, the government is fighting to maintain power and a positive image. Externally, American corporations and the Biden Administration, worried about supply chain issues and similar protests erupting in the U.S., have called on Trudeau to forcefully end the peaceful demonstrations. There may be drastic escalations in the coming days.