More Desperate Attempts by NY Attorney General To Prosecute Trump

The 214-page suit is one of the many attempts by the New York attorney general to fulfill her campaign promise to prosecute Trump, revealing a blatant conflict of interest.

Written by Hudson Crozier

The lawsuit: After more than 3 years of investigating the Trump Organization, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil lawsuit against the company, implicating former President Donald Trump, his 3 children, and others in an alleged bank fraud scheme.

The stakes: James has asked the Manhattan Supreme Court to bar the Trump family from leadership in the company, bar the company from business practices for five years, and order $250 million in restitution. None of the defendants face jail time as the case is not criminal.

The attorney general’s promise: The Democratic AG campaigned on the promise that she would seek charges against then-President Trump, pledging to “join with law enforcement and other attorneys general across the nation in removing” him from office. She began the probe on his business within 100 days of taking office. She also continued a lawsuit set in place by her predecessor against the nonprofit Trump Foundation, alleging misuse of charity funds.

Big picture: Whatever the merit of James’ new allegations, her legal efforts are clearly attempts to gain political points and fulfill her campaign promise. Even former Attorney General Bill Barr, who is usually critical of Trump, called the lawsuit “a political hit job.”

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