“P. Diddy” Is Accused of Sex Trafficking Minors

The accusations against the music star shine another light on alleged disturbing practices amongst the elite.

What’s happening: Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs is facing multiple civil lawsuits relating to sex trafficking, rape, and sexual abuse — adding to the list of wealthy Hollywood names accused of sexual crimes.

Catch up: Combs has been accused of rape by several women and two others claim to have been sexually assaulted by the rapper as teenagers. There are currently five civil suits against Combs alleging rape, sexual abuse, and trafficking.

  • One case settled: One of the lawsuits was filed by Combs’ ex, Cassandra Ventura, who alleges that he raped and abused her. Although Combs vehemently denies Ventura’s allegations, they settled the lawsuit in November before it could go to trial.

Enter feds: Combs is now under federal investigation; agents have raided two of his homes in Los Angeles and Miami.

Former producer speaks out: One of Combs’ former producers, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, has filed an explosive lawsuit accusing Combs of operating a “widespread and dangerous criminal sex-trafficking organization.”

  • Diddy’s parties: Jones has also accused Combs of hosting sex-trafficking parties including underage girls, many of which were allegedly frequented by celebrities and executives in the music industry.

  • Another Epstein: Jones’ lawsuit alleges that Combs’ Chief of Staff Kristina Khorram "ordered sex workers, and prostitutes for Mr. Combs,” referring to her as the “Ghislaine Maxwell” to his “Jeffery Epstein.

Diddy Denies: Combs’ legal counsel has referred to the charges as “pure fiction” and Combs himself claims the accusers are simply looking for a “quick payday.”

Why it matters: The allegations against Combs bear disturbing similarities to those against Jeffery Epstein. If the accusations are true, it would expose another large-scale sex-trafficking scheme in the heart of Hollywood — one that many elites had known about for decades.

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