Parents Win Against Virginia School Board That Rejected Youngkin’s Transgender Policies

Written by Jack Applewhite

What’s happening: The Virginia Beach School Board has agreed to implement Gov. Glenn Youngkin's policies on transgender students — after two parents sued the school board for voting to reject the policies.

What policies? The Youngkin administration’s new guidelines require students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their biological sex. Also, any changes to a student’s name or pronouns must be approved by their parent.

  • The trend: The school board is one of several that have refused to adopt the policies. At least four others have said that they will not comply, including the state's two largest, Fairfax and Prince William Counties.

The response: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares issued a legal opinion at Youngkin’s request arguing that the governor’s policy guidance is legal and schools must follow it. Although Youngkin’s administration has not yet taken legal action, he continues to demand compliance from all school districts.

Zoom out: At least 10 other states have approved policies similar to Virginia’s that regulate pronoun or bathroom use. Some have brought lawsuits of their own, including in Florida, where a court upheld a law requiring students to use bathrooms according to their sex.

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