Pentagon Focused On Climate Change During Afghanistan Withdrawal

Ideology is prioritized over legitimate government functions.

What’s happening: The Pentagon was focused on finalizing a major climate change initiative as the Afghanistan withdrawal crisis escalated, according to emails obtained by The Daily Wire. The emails capture top Pentagon officials frantically working to get the secretary of defense to sign the initiative, which declared climate change a “national security” threat.

  • Aftermath: Over 800 Americans were left behind in the Afghanistan withdrawal, 13 young American soldiers were killed, and weaponry worth billions of dollars was left to the Taliban.

Why it matters: It’s another example of how ideological initiatives are hailed over traditional governmental functions, spanning from the Pentagon’s military readiness to the Department of Education's focus on academic quality.

Dive deeper: Instead of focusing on defending the homeland, the military in recent years has removed thousands of unvaccinated soldiers, forged an effort to remove political dissidents from the military, and made it harder for qualified soldiers to be recruited because of a focus on diversity and equity.

  • The new focus: The military runs advertising campaigns to court LGBT recruits, has allowed transgender soldiers to serve, lowered military standards to achieve diversity, and discarded gender-neutral fitness tests. President Joe Biden’s Defense Department also pushed to allow soldiers with HIV to serve.

Zoom out: This is a trend prevalent in every aspect of U.S. governance. School districts across the nation have removed honors classes to increase diversity; Biden’s Department of Education focuses on promoting LGBT initiatives while academic scores drop; national energy independence aspirations have been swapped for climate alarmism; and health officials prioritized treatment by race.

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