Pfizer Director Concerned About Menstrual Effects of COVID Vaccines, Leaked Video Shows

The company’s director of research in mRNA tech said there is “something irregular” about the menstrual cycles of women who take the vaccine.

Photo by CDC / Unsplash

By Hudson Crozier

What happened: Project Veritas released more undercover footage from its investigation of Pfizer’s director of research and development, Jordon Walker, who was previously recorded saying that the company wants to mutate the coronavirus to profit from vaccines, among other troubling statements. Newly released footage shows walker saying that he “hope[s]” Pfizer’s COVID vaccine doesn’t negatively affect women’s menstrual cycles.

“Could you imagine the scandal?” Walker said Pfizer has discovered “something irregular” about the menstrual cycles of women who take the vaccine, even though it “shouldn’t be interfering.” He said the issue is “a little concerning” and said he’s also concerned that the vaccine’s mRNA technology “lingers in the body.”

Pfizer’s response to the investigation: A leaked document shows that Walker is still employed with Pfizer as a leader of research and development for mRNA tech. In the document, the company warns employees to avoid being exposed by “anti-science activists” who are “endangering public health” by spreading “harmful misinformation.” Pfizer claimed, without elaborating, that footage of Walker had been “manipulated.”

Big picture: The pharmaceutical industry and COVID vaccines continue to fall under scrutiny, and Big Tech is eager to bury Project Veritas’ story. YouTube removed the first video of Walker while Meta threatened to permanently ban Project Veritas from Facebook and Instagram. Legacy media outlets are mostly silent on the story or claim that too many facts are uncertain.

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