After Mandates Cost Millions Their Jobs, Pfizer Admits Its COVID Vaccine Wasn't Tested for Preventing Transmission

The COVID-19 vaccine narrative that led to government mandates, widespread job loss, and national division continues to collapse.

Photo by Braňo / Unsplash

Written by Hudson Crozier

What happened: Last week, a Pfizer official told the European Union Parliament that its COVID-19 vaccine was never intended to prevent transmission and that the company never tested for transmission before it was released.

Why it matters: COVID-19 vaccines were sold and mandated as a way to stop transmission and the pandemic, even though transmission was a factor that manufacturers never focused on and that was barely understood as early mandates were enacted globally.

The narrative: Leaders like President Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci claimed vaccines stopped transmission in mid-2021 and that it was imperative for everyone to get vaccinated, despite any concerns or objections. As studies began to indicate that vaccination made little to no difference in transmission rates, legacy media outlets ignored them, and social media platforms censored such claims.

Big picture: The Biden administration forced millions of unvaccinated workers out of their jobs based on the false premise that vaccines prevent transmission. We now know they’re not effective at preventing transmission and were never intended to be in the first place.