Billionaire Family Tied To Obama and Biden Funds Destruction Of Gender

J.B. Pritzker, Governor of Illinois

One of the most powerful families in the world of progressive philanthropy is now investing their family money into transgender medical practices they call “Synthetic Sexual Identities.”

The Pritzker family—a family of Obama and Biden affiliates, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and even sitting Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker–played a significant role in funding transgender and disembodiment medical procedures and  normalizing “transgenderism.” They now have their eyes on creating  a new form of transgenderism: “Synthetic Sexual Identities.”

What are they funding? The Pritzker family is funding transgender procedures that encourage patients to neither identify as male nor female. Instead, the Pritzker family seeks to conjure new sexual identities through investments in the medical and technological spheres.

What is the ideology behind this? The ideology governing this funding has been described as “tech transgenderism” or “techno-transhumanism,” as Martine Rothblatt, a fanatical ideologue of transgenderism and a recipient of Pritzker money, describes it. Rothblatt fantasizes about their ambitions, stating, “We are making God.”

How are they making this happen? The Pritzker funded the creation of new synthetic sexual identities through their financial investment in new surgeries, drugs, and funding political action. The Pritzker family has heavily invested in advertisements intended to accelerate language reform which seeks to normalize their synthetic sexual identities and the surgeries required.

  • For example, the Pritzker family funded the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at UCLA in advertising for young girls to have their reproductive organs surgically removed, a procedure they branded “gender-affirming care.” Additionally, the youngest son of the Pritzker family and current Democratic Governor of Illinois sponsors a task force designed to “strengthen protections” for transgender and non-conforming students.

Big picture: The Pritzker family is one of the most influential families funding the deconstruction of men & women in language, law, and science. Their ambitions to reengineer what it means to be human will likely play a large part in America’s future debates regarding transgenderism and synthetic sexual identities.

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