Reality Hits Sanctuary Cities Amid Border Crisis

Photo by Greg Bulla / Unsplash

What’s happening: After Republican border states shipped illegal immigrants to Democrat cities, New York City Mayor Eric Adams delivered a stark declaration: “We have no more room in the city.” His is one of many so-called “sanctuary cities” unable to deal with the effects of open borders, despite their pro-immigration rhetoric.

A breaking point for NYC: Over 50,000 migrants are currently living in over 180 makeshift shelters and hotels at a price tag of $8 million per day. Gang violence and drug use have plagued hotels and shelters. Mayor Adams, who ran his 2021 campaign affirming New York’s sanctuary city status, said the situation is not sustainable.

  • Some perspective: While New York and cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles bemoan the effects of migrant arrivals, they are a fraction of what southern border towns across Texas have dealt with for years.

No solution? The city will begin to discourage prospective migrants from coming to New York, according to officials. But has yet to offer a solution to the problem besides moving migrants into local homes and churches and suing nearby counties for refusing to take in migrants. It calls them “xenophobic” for doing so.

  • Zoom out: It’s not just New York. It is estimated that over 2 million illegal immigrants have entered the U.S. under President Joe Biden.

The bottom line: Democrat-run cities, facing reality about the impacts of unsustainable open border policies, have started to push back. Mayor Adams has publicly lambasted Biden for his open border policies. In what could foreshadow a sea-change in liberal policy on the matter, city officials across the country are reportedly furious at the administration’s handling of the issue.