Red Cross Partners With U.S. Government To Help Illegal Migrants

Its partnership with the American Red Cross is one of many ways the U.S. government incentivizes illegal immigration.

Photo by Khyta / Unsplash

By Hudson Crozier

The scoop: The humanitarian nonprofit American Red Cross offers guides showing migrants how to safely travel to the U.S.-Mexico border, where to cross it, and what resources are available to them in the U.S. as illegal aliens, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The guides contain maps of pathways to U.S. border towns in Texas and Arizona and instructions on finding clinics, shelters, hotels, and personal items like contraceptives within the country. The Red Cross said it “does not prevent nor does it encourage migration” in a statement to the DNCF.

The danger: At least 853 migrants died crossing the border in fiscal year 2022, the highest on record. The Red Cross acknowledges some of the dangers of such a trip in its guides, which tell migrants how to survive “extreme” desert heat. They also tell migrants who ride on top of cargo trains to “be careful” because “there are branches, electric cables, tunnels that can hit you.”

Follow the money: The Red Cross works with the Federal Emergency Management Agency on a program to allocate funds toward groups that help illegal immigrants find free food and shelter. The program received $350 million in February from the Department of Homeland Security. Overall, the federal government funds a system that incentivizes illegal immigration, complete with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars given to legal groups that help migrants avoid deportation.