Red States Move To Give Parents More School Choice

Arizona governor Doug Ducey passed a law to give parents $7,000 per child for alternative schooling. This alternative schooling includes private, religious, charter, or homeschooling. Arizona now funds students, not systems.

Why it matters: Many parents are afraid to send their children to public schools where progressive teachers teach children partisan values. In schools, children are taught to adopt LGBTQ+ ideologies and among other things, to view America through a lens of white privilege and race (Critical Race Theory.)

From the Left: Former Arizona House Rep. Diego Rodriguez tweeted, "The Republican universal voucher system is designed to kill public education. The GOP goal is to recreate segregation, expand the opportunity gap, and destroy the foundation of our democracy." This criticism likely stems from the fact that progressive school boards will no longer have a monopoly over what children are taught.

Similar programs to Arizona’s have been introduced in 25 other states. Among this list are Tennessee, Florida, Kansas, and New Hampshire. Some states are proposing legislation to help parents avoid the “woke” narrative in the education system, while others are trying to provide better opportunities to impoverished communities.


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