Republicans Help Pass Same-Sex Marriage Bill in House

The issue is a contested one within the GOP.

In efforts to protect same-sex marriage ahead of possible Supreme Court rulings, the House voted to codify it. Forty-seven Republicans backed it.

Why codify it into law? Same-sex marriage was only required to be nationally recognized after a 2015 Supreme Court decision. After Roe v. Wade’s reversal last month, Justice Clarence Thomas voiced support for reconsidering the 2015 decision on constitutional grounds.

Over the past two decades, SCOTUS replaced the legislative branch of government. The Supreme Court is supposed to validate laws but instead decided essential issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Now that the court is under conservative control and returning to its inherent role, Congress is rushing to legislate significant matters.

How do Americans feel about same-sex marriage? In 2015, when the SCOTUS recognized same-sex marriage, only 57% of Americans and 34% of Republicans supported it. Today that approval is almost 70% of Americans and 55% of Republicans.

Big picture. Congress is making up for lost time by legislating issues they tossed to the court in the past. Because of Republican opinions on same-sex marriage, it could become a contested issue for the party.

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