RFK Jr.’s VP Pick is a Dream for Trump

Nicole Shanahan is politically left and a longtime Democrat supporter.

What’s happening: Independent presidential candidate RFK Jr. has tapped 38-year-old Silicon Valley lawyer and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan to join his ticket, announcing it at a campaign event yesterday that opened with a Native American land acknowledgment.

Who is Shanahan? Nicole Shanahan is a wealthy and well-known attorney in Silicon Valley. She was once married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin and was rumored to have had an affair with billionaire Elon Musk, though they both deny the accusations.

  • Left-wing priorities: After earning her law degree from Stanford University, Shanahan founded the Bia-Echo Foundation, which strives “to create a multiplying effect across new frontiers in reproductive longevity & equality, criminal justice reform and a healthy & livable planet.”

  • “Lifelong Democrat”: In a recent interview with ABC News, she described herself as a “lifelong Democrat.” She is also a major Democrat donor who has given tens of thousands of dollars to left-wing politicians, including President Biden.

Why it matters: RFK Jr. choosing a running mate with strong Democrat bona fides can only sway left-wing support from President Biden instead of drawing support away from Donald Trump.

Cash boost: Not only does Nicole Shanahan align with Democrats on issues like abortion, criminal justice reform, and “racial equity,” she is also a potential source for a bigger influx of campaign cash.

  • Bay area connections: Shanahan will bring her considerable personal wealth to the campaign along with her tech industry connections and other wealthy donors.