The Rise in Transgender Extremism Continues

Yet another alleged transgender shooter flies under the mainstream media’s radar.

Written by Anthony Constantini

What’s happening: Independent journalists have discovered a TikTok account likely operated by a recent Iowa school shooter who killed a sixth grader and injured several others. The shooter posted videos during which he seemingly identified as “gender fluid,” and indicated support for the trans movement.

Why it matters: The discovery adds to a growing list of mass shootings committed by transgender people. The lack of details uncovered thus far about the Iowa shooter also reveals major news organizations as woefully disinterested in asking why there has been an increase in such shootings.

The latest in a tragic list: The Iowa shooting is only the latest in a series of mass shootings conducted by those identifying as part of the LGBT movement:

  • Tennessee, 2023: A transgender person killed three children and three school employees in Nashville. A conservative pundit discovered that the shooter was motivated by anti-white hatred, though the shooter’s full manifesto has yet to be released by police.

  • Colorado, 2022: A shooter who killed five in a Colorado Springs nightclub identifies as nonbinary.

  • Colorado, 2019: One of two shooters at a STEM high school in a Denver suburb carried out the shooting while transitioning.

  • Maryland, 2018: A Rite Aid employee who murdered three people at their place of work was later identified as transgender.

Keep in mind: The Violence Project wrongly identified the Nashville shooter as the first transgendered mass killer, ignoring the previous shootings. But if the Maryland shooter was the first, that means these killings have become a nearly annual event.

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