The Scientific Case Against Vaccine Mandates

None of the following is medical advice.

The Two Big Myths

The two most prevalent arguments for vaccine mandates are the following:

  1. The unvaccinated endanger the vaccinated.

  2. The unvaccinated are causing the spread of the delta variant.

They’re both untrue.

The Unvaccinated Don’t Threaten The Vaccinated

About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly breakthrough case. Less than 0.004% of fully vaccinated people had a breakthrough case that led to hospitalization. Less than 0.001% died. [Source]

For those worried about COVID, vaccination is an effective measure of protection. Unvaccinated people don't change that.

The Unvaccinated Aren't Solely Responsible For The Delta Variant

Additionally, the fully vaccinated may transmit delta just as easily (as U.K. research suggests). Vaccination will add a significant layer of protection from the virus, but if infected, both vaccinated and unvaccinated will produce and spread similar amounts of the virus.

Forcing people to get vaccinated will not stop the variant from spreading.

Natural Immunity Needs To Be Considered

After over a year and a half of clinical observations and research, science suggests that natural immunity is effective and lasting.

According to an Israeli study, those with natural immunity have 6.7x greater protection than those with vaccinated immunity. Another study found that vaccinating people with natural immunity didn’t increase their protection from the virus.

After the pandemic raged in the United States, a significant portion of the population should have natural immunity. According to an analysis of California, between 30% to 45% of Americans have natural immunity.

Forcing vaccinations on the naturally immune goes against science.

Vaccine Incentive For The Young & Healthy Is Weak

The risk of hospitalization from COVID in kids 5-17 is 0.3 per million. The risk of hospitalization to due myocarditis from the vaccine is 50 per million for the same demographic. For young and healthy children, the incentive to vaccinate is not there.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University are also questioning if the double-dose vaccination is too much. Many doctors are now recommending only one dose for children after millions of children have already had the double dose.

Besides just children, the risk of death for unvaccinated healthy men and women under 35 is less than 0.1%. The percent continues to be less than one percent for men in their 50s and women in their 60s.

This article is based on a publication from U.S News.

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