Soros Plays The Long Game In Texas

What’s happening: Billionaire George Soros is cutting checks to Democrats in Texas in the latest attempt to turn Texas blue. While he undoubtedly hopes to see the state endorse Joe Biden in this year’s presidential election, his latest financial salvo seems to indicate a long-game.

  • Why it matters: Texas will not turn blue this year. But Soros’s spending facilitates two effects. In the immediate term, it forces the GOP to spend money in Texas, diverting resources from vital races elsewhere. In the long term, Soros is building networks for future races.

Changing demographics: One reason Democrats have renewed hope for winning Texas — Hispanics now outnumber whites. A large percentage of Hispanics have resided there for decades, but many more arrived recently; and while illegal migrants cannot vote, their American-born children will be able to.

  • The details: Soros is sending donations — somewhere in the six figure range — to county-level Democrat institutions, as opposed to the central state party. Because funds are received at the local level in key areas of the state, they can help build Democrat operations for years to come.

GOP response? The Texas GOP, having run the state for decades, is flush with cash; Governor Greg Abbott raised $19 million last year. With so much surplus funding, he is involved in over a dozen state legislature primary elections. While Soros can cut large checks, his dollars won’t be decisive—yet.

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