Soros and Swift to Sway 2024

Two mega-influencers will work for a common cause despite past issues.

What’s happening: Young voters are bailing on Biden. As support dwindles from the group that secured his 2020 win, Democrats hope that two of the most influential figures in America — Taylor Swift and George Soros — will sway the 2024 election back in Biden’s favor, despite the duo's previous drama.

  • Taylor Swift: Soros-backed Democrats have set their sights on Taylor Swift as key to winning this year's elections. Almost 20% of voters admit they will likely support candidates endorsed by Swift, and Democrats hope to leverage the star’s popularity to boost Biden votes.

  • George Soros: The Hungarian-American billionaire is dedicated to financing millions for left-wing political causes and candidates to advance the progressive movement in the United States.

Why it matters: George Soros's Open Society Foundation recently pledged $50 million to increase civic engagement among women and young people (the same demographic as Swift fans) — one of many efforts to expand support for Democratic agendas.

  • But, the drama: The Soros family partnered with Swift's ex-manager, Scooter Braun, to purchase her entire music catalog for $300 million in 2019 without the pop star’s knowledge.

  • Shots fired: At the 2019 Billboard Women in Music Event, Swift berated the Soros family for funding the deal that terminated her ownership of her own music. She later took to Instagram to castigate the group for its “shameless greed.”

Zoom out: Democrats are betting on the pair to re-elect Biden in 2024, albeit by different methods: Soros funds campaign efforts, while the pop sensation mobilizes her army of Swifties to vote.