Supreme Court: Public Funding Cannot Exclude Religious Schools

On Tuesday, June 21, the Supreme Court ruled that public education funding cannot exclude religious schools.

Carson v. Makin: Maine has long offered public funding for students in specific areas who seek to attend a private high school. However, Maine codified exclusions that prevent funding students who seek to attend Christian or “sectarian” schools. The Court sided with the two Christian families, classifying Maine’s exclusive funding as “discrimination.”

What this means for America. As described in the ruling by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Court has outlined protections against religious discrimination for those specific students who seek to attend religious high schools. Additionally, it paves the way for public funding of religious schools—future school choice programs could fund religious schools.

More wins for religious freedom coming soon? A similar case is currently under review– Kennedy v. Bremerton– which discusses the legality of a public high school football coach leading his team in prayer after games. It is expected to reach a ruling by the end of June.


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