Tensions Rising as Both DeSantis and Trump Eye the Presidency

Recent polls indicate that the Florida governor has a serious chance of winning the 2024 race.

Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis look like they're vying for the presidency in 2024. Based on recent polls, DeSantis is serious competition.

Trump has been having secret donor dinners. Over the past couple of weeks, Trump has met with his wealthiest donors for intimate dinners—and, according to Politico—has discussed the 2024 election plans and when the announcements should happen. At this point, Trump running again is a given. The meetings are for feedback.

DeSantis has been having his secret donor dinners, too. Wealthy donors, political analysts, and fellow Republican governors are among the dinners. So far, he’s accumulated an unprecedented $130 million in donations for his next political move.

Where things get interesting:

  • The Florida Governor is funded by Trump’s old donors, who financed his 2016 and 2020 runs. When the time comes, these donors will have to choose between Trump and DeSantis.

  • More polls are showing that DeSantis beats Donald Trump in 2024. A poll from last week shows that DeSantis beats Trump in Florida by 13 points. Polls from Colorado and Iowa showed similar results.

Big picture: Ron DeSantis, probably planning to run, has a serious shot at winning 2024. Tensions between him and Donald Trump could boil over into the public sphere as the election year approaches.

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