The Baby Formula Crisis Explained

Twenty-six states are struggling to supply baby formula products.

Baby formula has been in low supply for months—but the problem is reaching a critical level and becoming a national issue. Three in four babies are fed formula during their first six months. It’s a massive crisis.

The problem: Twenty-six states are struggling to supply baby formula products, and some areas are seeing 40-50 percent out of stock. The recent shortage is driven by recalls after four cases of infants falling ill with bacterial infections. Now mothers are facing severe barriers to feeding their newborns.

What’s being done to solve the problem? Not much. The FDA and formula manufacturers are saying they are doing everything, including increasing production and shipping products from Europe, but the shortage isn’t improving.

From the Biden Administration: Jen Psaki implied there might not be anything the White House could do. The administration hasn’t announced any plans to curb the crisis. Their focus is on Ukraine.