The Democratic Party’s Decline In Florida

Florida shifted from a swing state to a Republican stronghold.

What’s happening: Once a battleground state, Florida now sees Republican control in both legislative houses its executive branch. Democrats trying and regain a foothold.

Why it matters: Florida’s 30 Electoral College votes make it especially important in presidential elections. Before it was a swing state, it was even a Democratic-leaning state until 1996. But the new realignment has made Democrats nearly uncompetitive for the time being.

  • Fast transformation: Florida’s sharp right turn has been quick. Ron DeSantis barely took the governor’s mansion in 2018 but took the state by storm with a reelection triumph of 19 points — the biggest margin in four decades — and even won the historically liberal Miami-Dade County.

  • More: DeSantis’s conservative policies are widely popular in the Sunshine State and across the country. Republicans are also outpacing Democrats in voter registration. The state saw an influx of Republican residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.