The DOJ Tried to “Monitor” the Midterm Elections In 64 Locations Across the US

Election Day has turned into a face-off between Republican poll watchers and the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice.

Written by Hudson Crozier

What happened Tuesday: The Department of Justice (DOJ) sent dozens of prosecutors to polling locations across the country as election “monitors” to ensure federal voting rights law compliance. Most of the locations were strongly Democratic or swing districts.

The blatant conflict of interest: Corroborated reports have shown that the FBI, the DOJ's investigative arm, deliberately helped Joe Biden’s presidential campaign by burying the Hunter Biden scandal.

Biden’s hunt for “voter suppression”: President Biden and his administration have portrayed voter ID laws, restrictions on mail-in ballots, and more as racist voter suppression that threatens to make the midterm elections “illegitimate,” suing several states in response. Last week, the DOJ sued poll watchers for possible “voter intimidation” after a judge ruled that the First Amendment protected their actions.

Partisan overtones: While Republican officials in Florida and Missouri fought to keep federal agents away from the polling locations Tuesday, Texas Democrats had been pleading with the DOJ to send them over fears of “election subversion.” The GOP has increased its use of poll watchers since 2020, turning Election Day into a face-off between Republican operatives and the Biden administration at the polls.

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