Kyle's America

Activists, politicians, and the media come together to strain the system in a way that promotes violence, and threatens jurors to deliver justice.

Based on the evidence and everything we've known about the Rittenhouse case, the verdict was correct. Rittenhouse deserves to walk freely; however, the case exposes an increasingly volatile and unrecognizable United States.

Quick bite: Activists, big-tech, and the media strain the system in a way that overrides freedoms and stokes division.

Media misinformation: The main narrative, fueled by the media, claimed the following:

  1. Kyle was a white supremacist (there is no evidence for this)

  2. Kyle had no connection to Kenosha (his family lived there)

  3. Kyle traveled a considerable distance to kill BLM protestors (he was there to guard businesses and render first-aid)

  4. Kyle drove across state lines with a weapon (he didn't)

  5. Kyle got his gun illegally (it was legal and the charges were dropped)

  6. Kyle was out for blood and went on a shooting rampage (three individuals with criminal histories endangered Kyle's life, he defended himself)

Americans who singularly consume the legacy media would believe all of the abovementioned points. Through polarizing misinformation, the media ultimately incites activists to take 'justice' into their own hands.

Oppressive big-tech: As the legacy media spread falsehoods, big-tech doubled down and actively suppressed the truth. Facebook and Instagram censored Kyle Rittenhouse content. Meta-owned Instagram removed our reporting on the Rittenhouse case. GoFundMe removed and prevented the then 17-year-old from raising legal funds.

Political persecution: A police officer in Virginia was fired for donating to Kyle's defense fund, and Left-wing journalists were emboldened to track down and expose private citizens who donated.

Violent activism: BLM protesters outside the courthouse were threatening violence. Their conditions were clear: either Rittenhouse is sentenced (incorrectly), or activists would destroy Kenosha, again. Violent riots in Portland broke out after the verdict, and some violence materialized in Chicago.

Before the verdict, 500 Wisconsin guard troops were deployed in anticipation of the violence. Five Kenosha Schools moved to virtual learning for the same reason. Kenosha business owners boarded up and prepared for destruction.

Reminder: Rittenhouse was only present in Kenosha because of the Kenosha riots. The riots were caused because the media spread misinformation about the shooting of Jacob Blake, and that misinformation led to violent activism.

Mob rule: During jury selection, many potential jurors were afraid of being on the case. They were fearful that anything less than a conviction could ruin their lives and endanger their families. Based on the summer of BLM protests, they had good reason. Likely, the picked jury was also scared. Deliberation took multiple days to conclude, and the jurors were almost doxxed by activists and news outlets like MSNBC.

The effects on justice

In the Rittenhouse case, the jurors had two options.

Option A: Choose the correct verdict and let Rittenhouse walk. This option comes with probable riots and possible personal harm to the juror and their family.

Option B: Choose the incorrect verdict, put Rittenhouse behind bars, but enjoy normal life afterward. Violent activists, the media, and politicians would be appeased.

For most, the only option is B. the jurors had enough courage to choose the correct verdict. The next Kyle Rittenhouse may not be so lucky.

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