The Netherlands Wants To Reduce Livestock To Fight Climate Change. Farmers Aren't Having It.

Dutch farmers are revolting against government regulations intended to put them out of business. Why? Climate goals.

Climate goals in the Netherlands. The government wants to reduce nitrogen compounds by 2030. According to them, the problem has plagued the country for years and would affect protected habitats and endangered wildlife. The blame is put on the farming industry. To solve the problem, the government wants to see a 30% reduction in livestock.

These green goals would cripple the farmers and put many out of work. If successful, the regulations would result in crippling the farming industry and shutting down private farms. Last month, the government admitted that “the honest message ... is that not all farmers can continue their business.”

The farmers are revolting. Last week, 40,000 farmers gathered to protest the new regulations, many arriving by a tractor. They’ve been following in the footsteps of the truckers in the Canadian Freedom Convoy—blockading the Netherlands/Germany border, causing traffic, and other forms of peaceful but effective protest. The government has responded with tear gas, dogs, and allegedly even gunshots.

Big picture: This is another instance of arbitrary but harmful government regulations forced on ordinary citizens. Like the unscientific vaccine mandates that put millions out of work, these Netherland regulations would do the same to farmers. They aren’t going out without a fight.