The U.S. Will Accept 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

Background: Almost 3.7 million Ukrainians have fled the country, most going to nearby Poland and Hungary. Now, the Biden administration is preparing to welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians.

Remembering the Afghanistan refugee crisis: After Biden's from Afghanistan, more than 68,000 relocated to the U.S. and resettled in communities across the country.

The current border crisis: The United States already sees record border crossing and encounters at the Southern border.

The European Democratic Resilience Initiative: The administration also announced launching The European Democratic Resilience Initiative with $1 billion in funding. The initiative aims to:

  • Bolster democracy

  • Document war crimes in Ukraine

  • Keep Ukraine's LGBTQ+ community safe

  • Providing refuge to displaced Ukrainians

  • Strengthen Ukraine's public health

Between the lines: The new initiative is different than prior military funding or assistance. Aiming to bolster democracy, the initiative will secure a strong American political influence in post-war Ukraine—possibly even stronger than before.

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