Tim Scott’s First Steps Toward a Presidential Run

Teasing at a 2024 run: South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott recently began his “Faith In America” listening tour in Iowa in what appears to be a precursor to a potential bid for the 2024 Republican nomination for president. Scott would be entering with a “massive war chest” of cash at his disposal.

Scott’s vision: He spoke in Iowa about a “new American sunrise,” stating, "I see 330 million Americans getting back to celebrating our shared blessings again, tolerating our differences again.” He portrayed himself as the nonpolarizing candidate seeking “common ground” and said Democrats were trying to divide Americans.

Different focus: Scott’s speech was in contrast to another 2024 prospect—former Vice President Mike Pence—who gave a speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last week opposing transgender ideology promoted in schools. Instead, Scott focused on school choice and blamed the “politically correct nanny state” for trampling on parental rights in education, choosing to avoid the more controversial issue of progressive gender theory.

On racial issues: Earlier this month, Scott spoke about celebrating the progress the country has made in race relations and how he will continue to work on police reform. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in 2020, Scott met with Floyd’s family and sponsored a police reform bill, and aligned himself with the Black Lives Matter efforts. Two years earlier, he sought to make lynching a federal hate crime, similarly posturing himself with ceremonial progressive goals.

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