'Transition Closets' Becoming a Disturbing Trend in Progressive Cities

A public library in Lincoln City, Oregon, partnered up with a middle-high school to create a “gender-affirming closet,” also known as a transition closet.

What's a transition closet? They're spaces designed to help minors transition between genders without their parent's knowledge. The closets usually supply children with clothes and items like chest binders to “match them” to their “gender identity.”

The public library in Oregon announced that the transition closet had been in the works for a couple of months and will supply middle- and high-school students with “clothes, makeup, and accessories for students to request.”

Transition closets are a recent trend: Lincoln City isn't the first school district to create transition closets with taxpayer money. It's been a well-documented and growing trend in liberal areas. In one California case, a transition closet was run by a transgender teacher pushing radical gender theory onto children.

Why it matters: Schools with transition closets are transitioning children without parental knowledge or consent. In fact, the closets are created for the sole purpose of bypassing parental influence and promoting transgenderism to students. This type of intervention can lead students to seek irreversible treatments like puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries that involve genital mutilation.