Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers To Control Freedom Convoy's 'Illegal Occupation'

Emergencies Act: Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada's history.

  • Trudeau stated, “It is no longer a lawful protest at a disagreement over government policy. It is now an illegal occupation. It's time for people to go home.”

What this act does: The Emergencies Act allows the Cabinet to "take special temporary measures that may not be appropriate in normal times." This entitles the Canadian government to broad powers to restore order. These broad powers include banning travel in certain areas, directing individuals and companies to provide essential services (tow trucks), the ability to assume control of public utilities, and “strengthening the ability to impose fines or imprisonment[.]” It's similar to the American idea of Martial Law.

Legal Trouble: The Canadian government will have to prove that the truckers pose a national emergency to Canadians’ safety and security.

Pushback: Conservatives are pushing Trudeau to drop the mandates. Pierre Poilievre, a conservative lawmaker who is running for the party's leadership stated, "He's got protests right around the country, and now he's dropping in the polls, desperately trying to save his political career. The solution is staring him in the face[.]”

Other updates: Today, police handed out leaflets and warned truckers to leave the area immediately or face arrest. While some blockades around the border have been disbanded, the truckers have not abandoned their post in Ottawa.

  • Ottawa's police chief resigned after criticism that he was too easy on the protestors.

  • Christian crowdfunding service GiveSendGo was hacked and donor names leaked. Canada’s government news media then began to go through the data to doxx the donors. The Washington Post is doing the same.

  • Tow truckers who refuse to tow the truckers will face arrest.


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