Donald Trump's 2024 Promises

Almost all GOP frontrunners share more or less the same vision.

Most recently: Leading Donald Trump’s list is a controversial pledge to pardon many of the January 6 protesters convicted of federal offenses. On international affairs, the former president intends to promptly mediate a resolution for the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The border: Trump wants to leverage the U.S. military against drug cartels in Mexico and street crime.

Pro-natal policy: He has also suggested baby bonuses to promote a baby boom and the establishment of 10 "Freedom Cities,” built from scratch on federal land.

Education: Trump plans to exert more federal control over higher education, aiming to dismiss "radical left" officials accrediting universities, incentivize the abolition of teacher tenure, cut college administration roles, and remove diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

Crime: He aims to purge "Marxist prosecutors," or weak-on-crime, George Soros-funded prosecutors.

Intelligence reform: He wants to institute an auditing system to ensure U.S. intelligence agencies aren’t conducting domestic surveillance and has called on congressional Republicans to "defund" the Justice Department and FBI.

The deep state: Trump is also proposing sweeping changes to the federal workforce, advocating for the president to have the authority to hire and fire federal workers at will, a move aimed to "clean out" officials he regards as disloyal.

Transgenderism: Trump proposes a DOJ investigation into Big Pharma and hospital networks for potential cover-ups about long-term side effects of "sex transitions." He threatens to exclude providers offering gender-affirming care from Medicaid and Medicare.

Gun control: Trump supports a national concealed carry reciprocity, which would allow those with a concealed carry permit from their home state to enjoy the same privilege nationwide.

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